"No amount of planning, strategy, execution or management can effectively compensate for an organization’s cultural weakness in communication, partnership and integrity."

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Since 1983, Mark Kamin & Associates has been on the forefront of organizational transformation providing a unique methodology for creating high performing cultures and training business people to be extraordinarily successful. Mark Kamin & Associates offers a wide range of consulting, coaching and training services with a specific focus on the relationship between integrity and performance.

We are champions of high performing cultures, where people honor their word, work from an empowering context and hold themselves and others accountable.

Our unique methodology gives leaders access to a way of listening and speaking that creates an empowering context and transforms complexity into opportunities for partnership and productivity.

Extraordinary communication, impeccable integrity and authentic leadership are the hallmarks of our work.

We deliver unexpected ways for helping executives create alignment between commitments, activities and strategies. We illuminate pathways to accomplish strategic transformation. We deliver powerful and effective consulting, training and coaching to meet the greatest challenges of individual performance.

How To Organize Your Brain for High Performance

Written collaboratively by Michele Clay & Mark Kamin

martin-jernberg-206957-250pxWhy even discuss High Performance? Why does it matter?

The first thing you might think of when you hear the term High Performance is car racing or being able to do something more, better or faster, waste less time; in other words, improve on what you are already doing.

This is not what we mean by High Performance. What we mean by High Performance is in a context of real Excellence.

When you improve performance on the spectrum of “better”, obviously you are going to have to do something like “work harder, work smarter…” and that is fine, but you don’t get the quality of performance that goes with being a real champion, and it has no connection to the kind of performance that defies old limits and maps out new territory.

Serena Williams is not just a better tennis player; she is in a category of her own. Mohammad Ali was not just a better fighter; he was in a category of his own. Steve Jobs did not just provide “more of” technological development – what Apple gave the world was and is in a category of its own.

In other words, we assert that trudging up the hill faster and better generates a very different experience than belonging to the fulfillment (individually or within a team) that goes with really being Excellent.

For example, really being effective in leading a team and winning with a team of people is deeply fulfilling, engaging and enlivening – even when it is uncomfortable and sometimes even when its miserable. In fact, we have found that people experience the height of exhilaration when swinging out of their comfort zone to produce something new.

Human beings, given our intrinsic nature, seem to be very nurtured and empowered when we actually fulfill what we are capable of – at the highest possible level. You might say human beings experience that as really “being alive”.

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