Ashley Furniture Homestores Testimonial

It would be impossible to even try to quantify the value you have brought to our organization.

The work your firm has done with my team to develop leadership, management, and coaching has been extremely potent and invaluable. We have seen the ship turn relatively quickly from a freefalling, profit-losing nightmare to a prosperous, money-making success story with great momentum and significantly improved retention. We have happy and engaged leaders and associates who want to be here and are proud to be a part of our organization. In fact, we have applicants that are lined up and waiting in the wings for an opportunity to join us. What a difference from when you first started this work with us.

Also, we have promoted more leaders from within than ever before in history. Ultimately, from your involvement, our customer service levels have increased to a record high. We have been able to increase comp growth more than ever, add five new locations, improve customers ratings, and almost exponentially expand our number of customers that return. As our journey together continues, it is exciting to see the that new elements you are focused on this year have already started bringing results and more profits.

I will forever be grateful for the passionate commitment your team has to mine and the overwhelming results your partnership has produced.

Jeff Magner Regional Manager, Houston Texas