Duperon Testimonial

Duperon LogoIt is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Becky Robbins as a business coach. Becky and I have worked together for many years. The gift of her ability is not limited to the results we have achieved in our business through the venues of business coaching and company training, but also within my personal world of my relationships, marriage, non-profit work and personal development. I know that there are a lot of preconceived notions about coaching: everything from “they tell you what to do,” to “how could someone outside my business know it better than me?” However, the reality of coaching for me is this: I have someone who allows me to create a world, business, marriage, life of my dreams. Once I have created it, then I make promises for actions and results for which I am held accountable. Along the way, all that “stuff” that has made it impossible previously comes up. This is where coaching is invaluable, because I have Becky who is the “place holder” for my commitment, my dreams, my vision and my word. Together, in a special partnership, we look for what might be in the way. I am clear that the only thing that ever is, is ME (as much as I am sure that it is really “THEM” at that particular moment). It is so rare in life to have the gift of someone who listens to us as our creations or as our commitments rather than the many petty things we do. And inside of that huge listening, I get to be that person – even when I am sure that I the situation is bigger than I am. If you are in business, you will think, “yes… but what were the results???” Last year we broke all company records and grew 37%, had a before-tax profit of <20%, sold and installed our first non-continental export, hired three power-house teammates, began what will be a 5 year exit-strategy from my role as a Chief Operating Officer for the company, and began growing a leadership team while continuing to have an INCREDIBLE work culture. When audited for a lean manufacturing program last year, the consultant was impressed with how well our company is being run. These results were on top of 25%+ growth per year for the last three years. If you are up to big things, if you notice that you can only go so far before you get stopped, if you want to expand in ways that you have previously thought impossible, then I highly recommend coaching with Becky.

Tammy L. Bernier 
Vice President & COO