Michele Clay

Associate Program Leader

Michele Clay is committed to people experiencing their greatness and empowering them into ongoing breakthrough results. She believes we are born to invade the realms of impossibility to unleash the power of human potential and performance.

She has relentlessly participated in this ground-breaking technology for 15 years and, as an entrepreneur and business professional, was a client of Mark Kamin & Associates for eight years prior to joining the firm. She brings a particular perspective that makes a real difference in accomplishing business commitments, and producing great business results and value. Michele is brilliant at generating breakthrough strategy implementation and profitable growth by bringing transformation to the world of business, management, creativity, and leadership.

With a promise of producing new pathways and openings for possibility and action, Michele supports business owners, executives, sales and production teams, company and corporate teams, tech and software developers, engineers, scientists, inventors, authors, and other creatives in producing breakthrough results using Breakthrough Results Transformational Management™ technology and practices.

She excels at generating high performing and high producing individuals, teams, and work cultures. Michele has a reputation for rigorously cutting through the pandemonium and pulling the heart of the person and the heart of the matter forward into appropriate action.

She brings over 20 years’ experience and leadership in entrepreneurship and small business team environments; corporate specialization in the Automotive Industries, team and talent management, recruiting, operational excellence, and customer service; client relationship and retention; ideation and marketing; the arts; and global fundraising.

Michele operates globally and resides in the United States.

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