Our Consultants

Mark Kamin & Associates consultants are highly trained individuals with a diverse background of experience from a multitude of industries. We have consulted and trained thousands of individuals and organizations creating unprecedented breakthrough in performance.


Mark-68Mark Kamin, President and Founder
Mark Kamin’s distinguished career includes working with and developing executives and leaders at some of the most prestigious corporations in America. His programs and consulting transform an organization’s culture and leaders worldwide.

Annette Nathan, Partner and Senior Consultant
Annette Nathan has been delivering training and development programs for over 25 years working with organizations, associations, institutions, boards of directors, executives, and employees nation wide.

Cookie-62Cookie Boudreaux, Partner and Senior Consultant
Cookie has over 30 years management consulting experience and successfully trained thousands of individuals in the areas of teamwork, leadership, and communication. She has been leading training and development programs since 1978.

Marcea-62Marcea Wolf-Carter, Partner and Senior Consultant
Marcea Wolf-Carter is a Partner with Mark Kamin & Associates. She delivers breakthrough business results for organizations and their leaders by creating cultures of integrity, accountability, communication and authenticity.

May-62May Wang, Partner and Consultant
May has over 19 years of experience in bringing human and organization performance to the next level. May works with leaders and their teams to approach critical objectives in new ways, creating dramatic cost savings and productivity improvements.

Susan-62Susan Gauthier, Partner and Senior Consultant
Susan’s specialty is the Breakthrough Results Transformational Management™ business technology program. She brings 30 years’ experience in information technology, with a proven track record of excelling at executive relationship management.

Theresa-62Theresa Jabbour, Partner and Senior Consultant
Theresa has a proven track record in helping her clients achieve breakthrough results. Theresa has 25 years of experience in the field of coaching, consulting and training. Her particular expertise is in the area of helping clients communicate powerfully and effectively such that they produce their business objectives.

Toni-62Toni Kendall, Partner and Senior Consultant
Toni has over 25 years experience empowering organizations, teams and individuals as an consultant, both in the public and private sector. Toni has a reputation for helping clients develop and implement innovative strategies for mission-critical objectives.


Kenda-Le-62Kenda-Le Pernin, Associate Consultant
Kenda-Le is a seasoned trainer, consultant, and coach. She brings rigor to her client engagements and has a track record of supporting clients in producing extraordinary results, especially in operations management and team cohesion.

Michele-62Michele Clay, Associate Consultant
Michele is committed to people experiencing their greatness and empowering them into ongoing breakthrough results. She believes we are born to invade the realms of impossibility to unleash the power of human potential and performance.

Peter-62Peter McRae, Associate Consultant
Peter has devoted his career to helping businesses and business owners succeed. His expertise in delivering the Catalytic Consulting Program produces a strategic plan and new future that leaves people and organizations transformed.