A&A Maintenance Testimonial

A&A-MaintenanceI highly recommend Mark Kamin & Associates to any organization interested in extraordinary levels of growth and performance.

l am the President/CEO of A&A Maintenance Enterprise lnc. I worked with Jack Barker and Cookie Boudreaux for the past year improving my company’s teamwork and communications. They have facilitated three “Communication: Transforming Organizational Culture” workshops for the majority of our supervisors and office staff. They have also coached several of my top-level supervisors, dramatically improving their individual performance.

As a result of Jack and Cookie’s work with my company we have created metrics (key performance indicators) that are helping us meet our goal of doubling the size of the company in the next 5 years. Our employees have learned to better communicate with each other and our clients. Everyone is aware that they are the one who can take actions to make the difference for the company.

One of the most significant results from our relationship with Mark Kamin & Associates involved the one-on-one coaching program for one of my key supervisors. Their ability to help this individual realize his full potential and understand how his actions impact others enabled us to retain one of our most valuable employees while at the same time dramatically improving this individual’s quality of life.

Their commitment to the integrity of our relationship and to serving our interests was impeccable. l and my leadership team are continually challenged to take actions that are having a significant impact on our business.

Armando Rodriguez

President & CEO