Who We Are

Mark Kamin & Associates’ profound commitment to support people and organizations to be extraordinary is the context for everything we do. Delivering extraordinary business results lies in creating a culture and a context that causes people to perform at maximum levels. From our work with thousands of people and organizations over thirty years, we have learned that people have a genuine desire to contribute their best each day in support of their organization’s future. Unfortunately, breakdowns in communication, trust, accountability and partnership impede contribution and suppress performance. Our methodology gets at the root causes of these breakdowns resulting in extraordinary communication, a positive and productive environment, and organizational and individual integrity. As people transform so do organizations. We embrace with passion and authenticity, the opportunity and challenge to provide solutions that produce extraordinary performance.

We are champions of high performing cultures, where people honor their word, work from an empowering context and hold themselves and others accountable.

We re-engineer the way people lead, manage and coach, resulting in significant improvements in critical measures of performance such as increased revenues, cost savings, quality assurance, service levels, efficiency, and employee engagement.