Allegiance Bank Testimonial



Key Growth Statistics:

  • Allegiance Bank was founded in 2007
  • In its first 12 years, it has grown to 550 employees, 16 locations, and $4.5 billion in assets
  • Allegiance Bank went public in 2015 (ABTX). The share value doubled from $10.00 to $21.00 a share in the first 8 years, then doubled again from $21.00 to approximately $40.00 a share in the last 2.5 years
  • The bank is growing its loan portfolio at 20% a year while having a 400% increase in the value of its stock
  • Current retention ratio is 4.57%


“I highly recommend Kenda-Le Pernin to any organization or individual interested in achieving extraordinary levels of growth and development.  Since 2014 Ms. Pernin has worked with me and other members of my team.  Through her coaching, we have realized enhanced communication with each other and our clients.  Ms. Pernin has been instrumental in the implantation of the You and Me business model with my team.  Her guidance has enabled us to realize our full potential individually and as a team. The results include an aligned team that has posted over $149 million dollars in new loan production since 2016.    

Ms. Pernin’s commitment to the integrity of the relationship and to serving your interests is impeccable. I recommend working with Kenda-Le Pernin to anyone who is looking to make extraordinary breakthroughs in the results and operations of their business.”

Rodney E. Nabors, Senior Bank Office President


I highly recommend Mark Kamin & Associates to any organization interested in extraordinary levels of growth and performance.

I am a co-founder and the retired Chairman and CEO of a regional commercial bank. I worked with Mark Kamin and his associates for over 15 years. When Mark began consulting with us we had four locations and $150 million in total assets. By the time I retired after 30 years of service, the bank had 35 locations and total assets of $3.5 billion.

The bank’s value proposition was better service for owner-operated businesses in exchange for a higher price, competing primarily with low-cost providers. We operated in a way that allowed us to make quick decisions locally for the benefit of the customer instead of resorting to centralized decision-making. Leadership was exercised in all areas and at all levels of the bank. Mark consulted with the executive team and designed programs for developing the officers and key employees to be independently responsible.

During that period the bank outperformed most US companies in many measures. We had 15 consecutive years of record earnings beginning in 1988 and our stock price increased 2000% during that time. Our customer service as measured by secret shoppers increased from 43% to over 80%, considerably over industry standard. As a result of the culture our bank was listed on Fortune Magazine’s “Best Companies to Work For” three years in a row beginning in 2003. The work of Mark and his associates factored in as a major component for these accomplishments.  

During that period, I also used Mark as a personal coach. His commitment to the integrity of our relationship and to serving my interests and the interests of our shareholders was impeccable. Mark continually challenged me beyond the comfortable. This allowed me to develop and enhance my life and my value to the organization. It was a career-making relationship for me. 

George Martinez, Founder and CEO