Celebrate Kids Inc. Testimonial

Celebrate-Kids-BlueThe Mission Control webinar was beneficial and I’m very glad I completed it. It was both the content and your teaching that made it excellent. You were strong, deliberate, and direct in your questions and statements to us as a group and of individuals when you dealt with us separately. That impressed me. So often, in webinars, it’s impossible to get individual assistance or to make sure illustrations are relevant to our circumstances. You had a way of acknowledging and working with us individually and that added value to the course. I benefited when you spoke directly to me about my situations and I benefited by listening to you coach others.

Your direct and clear approach invited honesty from us. Without that, we could have tricked ourselves into believing issues weren’t relevant. We could have pretended we had breakthroughs rather than honestly admitting to our struggles. I was able to be honest and I never feared your reaction. Therefore, I was able to learn. You created a safe environment on a webinar and I remain impressed.

The content worked. At first, I was doubtful. While doing the initial exercises, I wasn’t sure they’d matter. But, obviously the content was wisely put together because it was the combination of ideas in the order they were presented that has caused certain ideas to stick. Impressive.

I have definitely experienced some breakthroughs that I attribute to Mission Control. Filing papers once a week instead of allowing piles to grow on my desk has been a huge help I never thought was necessary. I’m still working to develop all the systems I want to, but I won’t give up. I now have the understandings I need in order to be more successful.

Using one capture tool instead of many has definitely lessened my stress and increased my efficiency. Because you taught me why this was essential, I was willing to make the necessary changes to the way I had been working for the past 20 years. I’m a person who likes routine and resists change, but I’ve been able to do this because it made sense. It’s been very freeing and valuable.

Thank you, Cookie, for your passionate and crystal clear delivery of relevant content. You have made a positive difference in my life and I’m grateful.

Kathy Koch, Ph.D.
President & Founder