Advantage Appraisal Associates

I participated in the Being A Leader program three years ago, and I believe the most important aspect of the program is in the name of the program. Being.

The way I had always been for myself was someone could never make a difference, somebody who didn’t belong, and for sure someone who couldn’t be a leader. What I got from the program and have continued to build on was the ability to be with people in ways that are powerful, direct, and allow for both parties to win.

Before the program, people were to be dominated or not to be dominated by. This frequently left me either disempowered or angry, and often my interactions with people involved a lot of swearing.

The difference this program has made has been profound in my business as a real estate appraiser. I could never hire competent people as I was so intimidated by people. The impact of not hiring competent people was that I was always left doing most of the work. Now I have an appraiser trainee who is highly capable. And, I just hired an office manager to literally runs my office so all I have to do is what makes me money and that is appraising real estate. Both of my employees are highly competent. We frequently have conversations about what’s working for them and ensure they get to enjoy where they work.

I really see how the Being A Leader program has really created a foundation for my success and who I now know myself to be.

Thank you!

Scot Owsley, Owner & Appraiser