Advisors Management Group

Our Firm was established about 30 years ago and when we began working with Mark Kamin & Associates, we were entering into a significant period of transition with the founder and owners turning over most of the day to day operations to the team, while they continued to work on a more flexible basis remotely. Our business growth had been driven almost entirely by referrals based on a consistent level of service established by the owners. It was paramount the team work together to continue this level of service to protect the assets of our Firm, it’s owners, and to continue growing. I personally felt the majority of the weight was on my and just a few others’ shoulders to see this transition through.

In working with Mark Kamin & Associates it became possible that the level of service our clients experience would not only stay consistent, it would increase, as would our year over year growth from the past. It also became possible for others within our Firm to step up and take on a leadership role and to mentor others to do the same.

The results we’ve seen come from these new possibilities include higher team member commitment, lower turnover, and continued growth mainly by referral. In addition, the continued health of our Firm is not as dependent on one or a few individuals anymore, therefore protecting the assets of the Firm for its owners and ensuring continuity for our clients.

Personally, working with Mark Kamin & Associates has provided me with a straight forward and clear path for communication with our team members, Firm owners, and clients. Our work together has empowered me to see new possibilities and to help create them in the views of our team. I recommend that anyone looking to create their own future work with Mark Kamin & Associates as their coaching has done just that for myself as well as our team.

Jenna Deets, Chief Compliance Officer