Ascent Real Estate

I was introduced to Peter McRae in the 4th quarter of 2020 through my employer and was told that he would be working with the brokers within our commercial real estate firm to help strengthen our sales and business development skills. Having been a commercial real estate broker for 4 years and also making a decent living at the time I was not sure how much I would take away from the course but was eager to see what he had to offer.


By the end of my first session with Peter it was clear to me that not only had I not been reaching my full potential in my career field but that there was an approachable and non-intimidating way to do so, so long as I was willing to adhere to his advice and suggested practices. After nearly a year of working with Peter a few things are evident:

  • My “descent living” income has quadrupled in 1 year
  • I am more disciplined in my business practices than ever which has led to more business and stronger relationships with existing clientele
  • I feel more confident in my work
  • I can achieve goals far greater than I believe I am capable of
Chapman Chastain, Ascent Real Estate