Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

Performance Coaching & Training

I have known and worked with Mark Kamin for over 20 years. I first worked with Mark when I was the Training Manager for the Department of Public Works in the City of Houston. Mark did remarkable work with our Public Works first-line supervisors in improving their communication skills. I continued to work with Mark when I became the Organizational Development Manager for the Goodyear Chemical Division. Mark worked with all levels of management in the Chemical Division – from top leadership to first-line supervisors – as well as teambuilding work with hourly, union employees. In Mark’s work with top leadership and first-line supervisors across the Division, Goodyear managers developed projects which resulted in dramatic improvements. In the Houston Chemical Plant, for example, team efforts produced a decrease in off-spec product that resulted in an annual savings of over $3 MM. After a contentious work stoppage at the Houston Plant, Mark led an intervention with plant management and the leadership of the union which moved the relationship from one of mistrust and conflict to one of common values and commitment – not a small feat. Mark is one of the most honorable men I know. I trust his judgment, his talent, and his unwavering commitment to provide the best possible value for his client.

Cheryl Sanders Henry, Organizational Development Manager, Goodyear Chemical Division