Houston Police Department

I want to personally thank Mark Kamin for the work he did with my managers in this last workshop. I have received nothing but great comments and smiling faces from these managers. Many of them commented that they found the workshop to be an enriching and “eye­ opening” experience. I have not heard one negative comment. Also, I have seen a definite increase in communication between all levels of my management team and myself. Over the fifteen years I have known Mark, he has helped me in several different assignments. I can’t begin to tell you what remarkable results we have had these past years. Many of his former “students” have gone on to assume higher-ranking positions within the department. In his own way, he has made a real difference and improved the quality of life in this city by leaving his mark on the Houston Police Department. On behalf of the Houston Police Department I want to thank you for your personal dedication and service that you have shown to these men and women in our department.

Dennis N. Richards, Assistant Chief Information Services Command