Joey Restaurant

Training and Strategic Planning

We have worked with Mark Kamin & Associates in conducting ongoing training and development and strategic planning sessions led by both Annette Nathan and Cookie Boudreaux. I can confidently say their work has been a major contributing factor to our success in the causal dining industry. Some results in our business that are attributed to working with Mark Kamin & Associates are:

  • A complete transformation in the openness of communication at all levels of the organization.
  • Business operations are now aligned with a long term growth strategy.
  • We continue to innovate at a rapid pace based on our employees’ creativity and contribution.
  • Accountability is no longer a buzz word – it is ingrained in our culture.
  • We are the highest grossing restaurant chain in Canada.

Our Executive Team uses Mark Kamin & Associates to guide us on inventing long term business strategies, aligning company goals and people resources, and training and developing our management and staff teams. The method of coaching they implore is unconventional and highly effective. Every session they have conducted with us has had a direct and immediate and long lasting impact on the business. Without hesitation, I confidently recommend Mark Kamin and Associates as a solid partner in high level coaching, training and business development.

Chad Gibson, Director Human Resources