Leading Edge Turbine Technologies

Transformation and Performance Coaching

I recommend the services of Mark Kamin & Associates. Mark has been working with the executives, managers, and sales team in our organization for 2 years. When we started working with Mark, we were going through some financial challenges. In one year after working with Mark, our profits rose 300%. Our profits could double again this year.

Mark has provided training, coaching, and education to create real excellence, high performance, and most importantly of all real integrity in our company. Mark had to succeed with very hard baked skeptical shop foreman who had no real interest in change. The leaders in our shop are now committed to having our company be the best in the business. They have a much higher level of accountability and professional achievement. Everyone is working more efficiently and effectively together. Our teamwork is completely altered from what it was. We actually have fun in accomplishing our goals and also share the upside of accomplishment with everyone in our organization. I am happy to recommend the services of Mark Kamin & Associates.

David W. Theis, President