Pilates V Studio

Before I started working with Mark Kamin & Associates, as a business owner, I was living life on auto-pilot – my days were repetitive and frustrating, but I accepted it because I was financially successful.

I wanted more than money, but I was hesitant to create a lifestyle and an identity that was more balanced, fearing it would cost me my “success.”

MKA’s training put me in a new mental space where I gave myself permission to think, speak, and act differently.  Through MKA’s coaching, I acknowledged that my habitual patterns were no longer serving me, and I was responsible for creating the resistance that was showing up in my life.  With MKA’s frequent structured support, I had accountability and made a commitment with myself to DO THE WORK – these changes have given me more freedom and joy than money ever has.

I am managing the power of my mind in a whole new way.  This clarity has transformed all the relationships in my life: my communication is clearer, my leadership is more thoughtful, and I’m a kinder human. I am grateful to MKA for giving me the tools to maximize my professional growth and personal contribution to create my life authentically.

Vanessa Renzi, Owner and Founder