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I first started working with Mark Kamin & Associates in November 2020 and continued thru April 2021. I had been in the medical business for 25 years, but I had it that I was not a good business woman. 

Through MKA’s coaching, I developed a whole new relationship to my business.

I looked at retirement as a someday and thought I needed to keep working to survive and retire. I love my work, but had never looked to see what my finances really were. After exploring the “what’s so” (facts) of my finances, I learned I was already able to retire and live as desired, if I so chose, right now.

I increased my monthly goals from $30K to $40K, and now I regularly succeed obtaining that and more. Last month it was $62K.

I was limited in where to perform surgeries, as I only had privileges at one surgery center. I researched the various surgery centers and have gained privileges at another surgery center, which, even though it is more expensive, is working out well.

My coaching helped me learn to focus on my goals and make them a reality by taking action. When I put my attention and intention on goals, things move.

I am clear this training was very valuable for my career and my life, and I am most grateful.

Karen Singer MD PA, Cosmetic Surgeon