RN Design

Thank you for guiding me through the Being a Leader Program.  What the course did for me is to look at each situation in life, whether personal or professional, and recognize that I can react differently for an outcome that everyone can benefit from.

The one concept that has made the biggest impact has been “Being Cause in the Matter”.  I do not look to blame others for things gone wrong, I look at what I could do differently, recognizing that the way I communicate and react to others does affect the future.  The key is that I am not washing my hands nor taking the full responsibility for things gone wrong.  In the past I would do all the work myself, convincing myself only I can do it right, the problem with that was long stressful work hours which would affect my family life.

I now work differently, I do not hold onto things, I assign tasks, hold people accountable, follow up on regular basis to see if they have everything needed to complete the work. There is now more collaboration; yes it requires more time up front, but it has afforded me more time to pursue other endeavours.  More importantly, it has given others more self purpose and the ability to make decisions.

Marco Santos, Senior Residential Designer