TriSMART Solar

It is my honor and privilege to say that Mark Kamin & Associates has delivered top-notch, world-class coaching to myself, and the TriSMART Solar organization. I began a coaching agreement with Susan Gauthier and Christina Hutchinson in February of 2020.

In a short 7 months, the results have been INCREDIBLE. I would like to share a few:

Literally, the coaching has saved the 8-year partnership I have with my business partner. We were not working well together. The coaching helped us see clearly where we had both been unworkable, and now we have created new structures, aligned on accountabilities, and we are closer, stronger, and more effective in our relationship than ever before. We are both as reinvigorated as we were when we first started this journey!

TriSMART Solar has grown 40% in Sales over last year (2019)! (8MW in 2019, and projecting 13MW in 2020)

We have also increased our opportunities in other profitable ventures through the pandemic of COVID-19 by capturing more market share in the states we operate. We have expanded our footprint and completed projects in 5 additional states in the last 7 months.

The results are awesome, and TriSMART Solar is forever grateful for MKA!

Mark Bench, CEO & Co-Founder