Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – attributed to Peter Drucker, circa 1985.

At Mark Kamin & Associates, we’ve been helping clients create intentional cultures since 1983.

Our expertise provides our clients the tools and the environment to create the culture they desire; a culture that fulfills a strategic and inspiring future. Each and every individual creates an “at-stakeness” and takes ownership for the fulfillment of that new future. We illuminate the pathway and give people the tools to cause the intentionally created culture to be sustainable over time.

We begin by identifying the current culture, which we call the accidental culture. We distinguish the ways of being and acting that are an outcome of the current culture. We then illuminate the payoffs and costs inherent in that current culture, which have until that point allowed the accidental culture to persist.

People have an opportunity to share what works and what doesn’t work – as well as their ideas for a powerful future for their company. Woven into this conversation are two essential and unique aspects of our methodology – extraordinary communication and impeccable integrity. We teach people a foolproof, four-step process for creating extraordinary communication with anyone. We also give people a “new” definition of integrity… honoring one’s word as oneself. The team has a group a-ha as they see for themselves that they must have real accountability and agreements with their colleagues in order to have partnership, power and integrity drive their culture – and thus fulfill their inspiring and strategic future.

There will also be an opportunity to influence the newly created culture with the company’s core values. Often in organizations, core values become ideals rather than regularly accessible action drivers.

“Defining integrity as honoring one’s word provides an unambiguous and actionable access to the opportunity for superior performance and competitive advantage at both the individual and organizational level.”

– Michael C. Jensen, Jesse Isidor Straus Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School

Most organizations are over managed, under led, and coaching deprived. This condition persists in most organizations because conventional wisdom says that leaders are born, managers are made and coaching is a soft skill.

Everyone has a plan ’til they get hit in the mouth.”

Mike Tyson