Enterprise Transformation

Communication: Transforming Organizational Culture

We’ve learned that no amount of planning, strategy, execution or management can effectively compensate for organizational weakness in communication, partnership and accountability. Our programs prepare people to create and fulfill new pathways for dealing with their most critical challenges and opportunities. We’ve also learned that it is possible to have extraordinary communication, impeccable integrity and authentic accountability drive behavior in an organization.

Thirty-five years of delivering professional development and education has shown us that no matter how well intended, or serious and committed people are, they must also have the ability to be extraordinary communicators and be 100% accountable in order to produce extraordinary results.

It doesn’t always seem that working on communication will impact results. Executives and managers tell us all the time, you can’t train people to be accountable, and people are raised with integrity or they are not. And while we appreciate this perspective, working in organizations has shown us that something else is true. Our program, Partnership & Accountability, trains people to be more powerful communicators so they deal effectively with real workplace and productivity issues. For most people, integrity drives their moral compass. We distinguish integrity as honoring one’s word as oneself thus making integrity an action driver. Our programs train people to be accountable which is the most important factor in sustainable, extraordinary performance.

Participant comments:

“The statement of accountability was the most impactful thing for me. In 27 years of working here, no one has ever asked me to write down what I’m accountable for.”


“Our team is much more effective. We all have the experience of being in it together. We’re all backing each other. We made agreements and we are holding ourselves and our salespeople to those agreements.”


“The workshop was deeper and more profound than I expected. It was very powerful to have a shared experience and to see how much everybody cares.”


“[Our leaders] are 2000% percent more approachable.”