Senior Leadership & Executive Development

Top producers, accomplished leaders and senior level people in organizations face a unique set of challenges as they strive to simultaneously serve their enterprise – while also “serving” themselves. Most people who reach the senior level neglect their own growth and development in their zeal for empowering the enterprise. Yet, we know few factors impact an organization’s ability to produce extraordinary business results as the quality of its leadership.

Breakthroughs in performance are the mark of extraordinary leaders. And breakthroughs only occur when structure intersects with intention. Our unique methodology provides the structure for accomplished leaders to identify unexamined rules, beliefs, and assumptions that limit results and suppress performance and to develop new plans for action. This creates a greater capacity for professional accomplishment and fulfillment of a future that is both compelling and inspiring.

The Senior Leadership One-On-One Coaching Process:

“To accomplish is to unfold some thing into the fullness of its essence”.

It is worth noting that many accomplished business people have little structure for the unfolding and fulfilling of their essence or what we call core intentions. This is why executive development and coaching is essential.

Our distinct methodology and process is designed to reveal what really matters to a senior-level business person and to guarantee fulfillment of their core intentions through the creation of a personal strategy.  This values-driven planning process provides for professional growth, a non-judgmental open listening (the executive feels free to say what is on his/her mind without concern of retribution), an objective point of view, and a partnership that supports the executive’s winning.

Strictly confidential and highly customizable, the one-on-one process includes:

1. Executive Assessment:

We begin this process with a no-nonsense evaluation of what the executive has accomplished and contrast actual accomplishments with the executive’s intended accomplishments from the beginning of their career. This assessment reveals new opportunities for accomplishment that result in 3 to 5 “senior commitments”. These commitments lay the foundation for a five or ten year personal plan to guarantee fulfillment of those commitments.

2. Creating the Plan:

Our unique planning process is conducted as an inquiry. Beginning with the articulation of the executives’ values and the development of a purpose-driven personal charter, a five or ten year plan is created focusing on the fulfillment of what the senior leader and their enterprise require. This process often includes succession planning and legacy building.

3. Creating and Fulfilling a Personal Project:

Most of the projects and initiatives that senior professionals have in front of them are linear progressions of what already exists. Because of this, professionals are often not engaged in daily activities that maximize their contribution to their enterprise. In this part of the process, the professional and the coach create a compelling and empowering project that will require the participant to re-invent themselves, in part by examining the ingrained assumptions and ways of thinking about the way the world works that lie below cognitive awareness and to re-think their approach to realizing critical and strategic objectives.