Hanszen Laporte Testimonial

We have had the honor and privilege of working with Mark Kamin for more than three years. During that time, Mark has worked with the firm and its partners, staff and administrative teams to identify our firm’s objectives, to map strategies for achieving those objectives and to create accountability in all positions.

When we started working with Mark, we were experiencing financial challenges and work place inefficiencies. Under Mark’s tutelage, our firm experienced revenue growth of more than 50% in the first year, using effectively the same resources. That is, we grew 50% with the same staff. In the second year, we experienced nearly 80% growth from the previous year, and in our third year, we, again, experienced 70%+ growth from the previous year. Mark has provided training, coaching, and education to create true excellence, high performance, and integrity in our firm and its operations.

Mark’s success with our firm has been no simple task. Our attorneys are highly accomplished, well educated, and extremely intelligent. After years of practice, they were confident and set in their ways … and skeptical of new approaches to a storied and timeless profession. Today, the leaders of our firm have embraced these new ways of approaching our business and are committed to true excellence in the profession … and in the business of profession. We have a greater accountability and, as a result, greater professional achievement.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the services of Mark Kamin.

Kent M. Hanszen