How To Have Employees Fully Engaged And Nurtured By What They Are Doing

Written collaboratively by Michele Clay & Mark Kamin

In the 2017 Gallup State of the American Workplace study, Gallup found that 67% of employees do not like their jobs or where they work. Employees overwhelmingly only work to get a paycheck. There is a particular culture that goes with that kind of mindset – where employees are not fully engaged, nor are they fulfilled by the work they do.

When people are really engaged – where their workplace belongs to them in much the same way it belongs to the shareholders, they have a stake in the success of the organization – a real stake. They become STAKE-HOLDERS.

In your organization, the number of people who do not like their job or where they work may be lower than 67%, but the odds are that the percentage of people who are not fulfilled in their job is staggeringly high.

“Surviving” work is very distinct from working in a way that you can see your work makes a contribution. The resignation people have that it’s even possible that one can be fulfilled and effective at a great company, is so pervasive that not being fulfilled looks normal.   Read More…