Large Client Systems

Thirty five years of working in organizations has shown us that no matter how well intended, or serious and committed people are, they must also have the ability to be extraordinary communicators and be 100% accountable in order to produce extraordinary results. If you are asking people to increase their performance regarding a challenge or opportunity they’ve been working on for some time, you’ve got to support them by expanding their ability and capacity to communicate effectively and be 100% accountable.

Executives and managers tell us all the time, that you can’t train people to be accountable, and that people are raised with integrity or they are not. Executives also say they are not sure that working on communication will actually impact results. And while we appreciate this perspective, working in organizations has shown us that something else is true. Our program, Partnership & Accountability, trains people to be powerful communicators so they can more effectively deal with real workplace and productivity issues. In addition, the program trains people to be accountable, which is a critical factor in sustaining extraordinary performance.