Marketing Monsoon

Marketing Monsoon logoTransforming an OK business into a high-performing one takes a personal transformation. I found the necessary transformational catalyst in Michele Clay, High Performance Coach with Mark Kamin & Associates. From our first chance meeting and 4 hour conversation on a cross-country flight, I was attracted by her crystal clear communication and her skill in revealing the power of designing one’s own experience.

I started working with Michele in the Profitable Growth Program in September, 2015. As a result of the powerful programming and coaching available with Michele in the Profitable Growth Program I have literally exploded the growth of my business. In the first quarter of 2016 I have already closed more business than the entire previous year. I’m on track to realizing my projection of 300% growth this year, while also being truly profitable. I have had numerous additional breakthroughs in this program both professional and personal.

What I appreciate the most about working with Michele Clay is finally understanding at a deep level the meaning and rhythm of effective pipelining for sustainable growth. It’s not that I’m learning new techniques, it’s that I’m transforming who I’m being and how I relate to the world of business and action. The quality of my conversations with people in my network has been elevated and continues to grow. I’m learning that at any moment I am actively designing my life and business as I want it to be, rather than being limited by circumstances. No “pipedream” here either. My future is grounded in reality and coming into being through the power of commitment and concrete action.

I highly recommend working with Michele if you are someone who is dead serious about breakthrough results.

Jayne Burch, Owner