Meet Marcea Wolf-Carter

Marcea Wolf-Carter_180xPartner and Senior Consultant

Marcea has been a top performer and leader her entire professional career. She has been training and coaching people and teams to increase their performance for the last thirty four years. As a consultant, Marcea has been helping executives and senior leadership teams re-invent the way they lead, manage and coach.

Marcea’s success arises from a profound commitment to supporting people in being extraordinary. This commitment underlies every partnership she creates and enables her clients to build high performing corporate cultures where people honor their word, work from an empowering context, and hold themselves and others accountable.

Marcea grew up in Manhattan, New York, graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy, and was a student of Martha Graham. She received her B.A. in Sociology from Washington University in St. Louis. In 1981 she began her career as a motivational speaker and coach. Marcea never stops rigorously training herself which allows her to bring an extraordinary level of integrity and commitment to her work with people and organizations.

Due to a strong commitment to express their social conscience, Marcea and her husband spent eighteen months raising money for people living with AIDS. Marcea now offers her programs pro-bono to support relief organizations and charitable foundations.

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