MegaClips Testimonial

MegaClips LLC began working with Kenda-Le Pernin of Mark Kamin and Associates in mid-2015. Initially it was for the purpose of creating focus, direction and purpose both within our company and for us (the management team) individually.

Almost immediately, we saw a change in our ability to work efficiently and productively. The next five years was a time of great growth and accomplishment. In fact, MegaClips had set both sales and customer count records in all of our salons during early 2020. Then, COVID hit and things changed completely.

I can truthfully say for myself and in my place as financial officer of our company, if it hadn’t been for Kenda-Le and her constant and encouraging support, we probably wouldn’t be open today.

She helped us maintain focus, creativity, and vision in working through the difficult times. As a result, we have come out even stronger, with a greater commitment to our staff and to those we reach every day. I count on her to me by personal “rock” and “touchstone” when I lose my way and feel overwhelmed, stressed, and unable to deal with everything I face daily.

Her leadership and guidance helped us create a culture within our organization built on integrity and family that will support our future growth and success.

Susan Sanford, Business Manager