MetaDesign Testimonial

MetaDesignIt is now approximately one year since we began our first project with you and I wanted to take this opportunity to both thank you and state publically my satisfaction with the work you have completed for MetaDesign and myself.

One of the things that makes this easy to do is that when we began our sales project with you, you and I established a goal of meeting our yearly sales targets which we were running 10% short. By year end, we had not only met these targets, but were operating at the highest profit percentage for our 5-year history. I attribute this in large part to your work in helping our primary project leaders become enrolled in a sales conversation that could produce this outcome and still maintain our high quality standards.

It was not easy; your approach to connect each of us with a story challenged many fundamental concerns and approaches. But the numbers do not lie: we “sold our socks off” and have continued to do so. It is my assessment that as designers, we did not think we could also sell and that you understood this almost immediately. Then, with recurring practices over the next months, you helped us build a culture that self-managed even after your sessions were over. This, I think, is what continues to produce the results that show up in our monthly graphs.

Personally, you have been a coach and mentor, particularly in my presentations to large groups of people. I am certain that my passionate, connected lecture at the American Center for Design’s Annual Conference was a result of our work together. And while my normal sales presentations are not in front of 500 to 1500 people, the body and story that I am is fundamentally the same. Your work, and the work that we continue whenever we speak, continues to help build my competence as a financially grounded entrepreneur. Thank you.

Bill Hill