My Gym Children’s Fitness Center Testimonial

My-Gym-logoI signed up for Annette Nathan’s Women’s Wealth Building Course when I heard that we will get spiritually aligned with the intent of our business. I was enrolled! I know now in my bones that I own and operate a business that is the highest expression of my self. The noble intent I created was “Children are confident and comfortable with themselves and their bodies while continuously expanding their capacities and capabilities.

Throughout the weeks of the course, I called my “rich” uncle who in my eyes was arrogant, rude and mean as I was growing up. In this conversation, I found out that he is a generous, kind man with a big heart and I acknowledged him for that. That action came out of a conversation about negating wealth. I saw my uncle after the course ended and he not only gave me a big hug, he also gave me his first fresh lake trout caught that morning so I could enjoy some fresh Lake Superior fish before I traveled back to the big city.

I am definitely experiencing a new sense of peace and confidence in my life, myself and around money. I find myself spending and giving money more freely and it is flowing back. Some tangible results are: in our business (My Gym Children’s Fitness Center), we are having our best summer in income ever, we have three key staff members who are loved by the parents and children, I have taken on a mentor (another My Gym owner is very successful), our old investor is being bought out and a new investor who is very excited about My Gym is investing in our business, a mobile My Gym program that will be in the preschools this fall is being rolled out (that will increase income by %25), and we are making plans to buy a building in the next three years to expand our gym space and our revenue.

On a personal note, I have been feeling more fit and healthy than I have in the past. I have been running, cycling and practicing yoga daily with much ease and fun. I believe that the peace and confidence I’m experiencing has a lot to do with this new level of vitality.

I highly recommend the Women’s Wealth Building course to any woman who wants freedom and ease in the area of money and wealth.

Shelli Kargela