Christina Hutchinson

Associate Program Leader

Christina Hutchinson is a program leader, executive leadership and performance coach with Mark Kamin & Associates in the Houston, TX office with extensive experience in technology, market development, sales and global teams.

With Christina, equal parts rigor and compassion has individuals, executives, and teams see a new view of what’s possible, a degree of performance and ground-breaking results never before imagined. Through her workshops and coaching, leaders and teams become self-generating, accountable, and truly connected.

In addition to being trilingual (Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, & English), Christina has spent her career cultivating an ability to translate tech speak into business value and impact that positions companies as industry and thought leaders in their fields.

Prior to joining Mark Kamin & Associates, Christina worked with several international technology firms in positions such as Sales Director and Market Development Manager with global impact. She cut her teeth in the oil & gas exploration industry implementing technology that brought together disconnected business divisions and teams in a way that completely transformed the way that sector operates. As a global market development manager, she customized and implemented technology that tracks company resources and marketing efforts to realize untapped revenue and maximize marketing investment return.

A seasoned leader in global team management, Christina has a passion for breaking down the barriers that keep functional teams separated to produce high degrees of connection, communication, and extraordinary performance. Her unique ability to uncover hidden barriers for her clients and identify the critical success factors for executives, managers, teams, and organizations allows them to transform from ‘getting by’ or ‘making it’ to producing extraordinary results.

Herself a lifelong athlete, Christina has a passion for sports. Go Pack Go!

She brings extensive experience in high-performing, cohesive teams from her many years of playing Women’s Professional Football and being an elite referee for NCAA Division I Soccer, the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), and Elite Men’s and Women’s Soccer organizations to her client engagements. Whether her team is winning a football world championship (the “women’s Super Bowl”) or being the only team on the field everyone is against as a referee crew, Christina gets what it takes to achieve tough strategic objectives from a foundation of integrity, communication, and connection that creates true leaders.

Her commitment and heart in having you and your organization win are truly unmatched.