Cookie Boudreaux

Partner, Owner and Senior Program Leader

Cookie Boudreaux is a Senior Consultant with an excess of 30 years business training & development experience. Formerly a principal and founder of Consultants Network, Inc., a Washington based consulting firm, Cookie has successfully trained thousands of individuals in the areas of teamwork, leadership, and communication. She has been leading training and development programs since 1978, and is currently the lead project manager for programs in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Her specialty is organizational transformation. The power of organizational transformation lies in its ability to look beyond incremental improvement, and focus on redefining the very nature of possibility. Cookie has worked with a wide range of organizations from government institutions to hospitals to high tech companies.

Some of her recent clients include Actel Corp., Akzo Nobel, City of San Jose, Computer Motion, Inc., Group Health, Lloyd Ritter and Associates, Metal Design, Office of the Governor of Hawaii, Rothenbreg Systems International, St. Peter’s Hospital – Seattle, Washington, and ASAE – American Society of Association Executives.