Ron Weinreich

Associate Program Leader

Ron Weinreich is a unique face in the consulting and coaching landscape. Born in Israel and raised in the United States, he has both a love for training and developing powerful leaders in the business world as well as a profound excellence in the world of art – namely music.

By the age of 20, Ron was leading soldiers in combat in the Israeli Defense Forces as a Tank commander where he suffered a spinal cord injury at war. After rehabilitating with unlikely speed, he studied Business in Israel’s premier Reichman University and graduated from the renowned ZELL Entrepreneurship Program. He led leadership and command workshops for cadets in the IDF, and became a leading director in a US all-volunteer non profit where alongside an his partners, over $42 million in grassroots donations were raised to fund devices for injured US veterans within a two year period. Ron is extremely proud of this accomplishment.

Over the last 7 years Ron has been heavily involved in leading and coaching in one of the world’s most demanding leadership programs at Landmark Worldwide. Ron currently resides between Israel and Los Angeles, and is spearheading our firm in Israel.

Causing unprecedented breakthroughs and results for people and organizations in the area of communication, performance and leadership are Ron’s ultimate passion and he has spoken before thousands of people on these subjects both in Israel and the United States. He is actively forwarding his goal of causing resolution and cooperation between all peoples in the Middle East by means of transformational programs, such as those provided by Mark Kamin & Associates.

He is known for his pragmatic, inspiring style and warrior spirit.