Scovill & Scovill Testimonial

Scovill-&-ScovillResults Oriented Coaching

I began working with Cookie Boudreaux as part of an overall office project. Cookie has a talent for getting directly to the root of office problems. She helped us identify not only problems with the way we were conducting our business, but the underlying source to these problems. Several of these problems were due to deep seated interpersonal disputes and resentments. Often times, just making all parties aware of the conflict was enough to resolve it. If that wasn’t enough, she would play arbitrator and assist in reaching workable compromises and solutions.

Realizing that I would need more specific assistance to get the most out of my business, I also began working with Cookie both individually and with my assistant. In addition to problem spotting, her talent also lies in simplicity. While I would create complex solutions to identified problems, she would help me cut to the chase and attack these issues more directly saving me both time and effort while increasing results.

In addition to helping us structure simplistic plans for getting the business back on track, she helped us structure a system of reporting and accountability that would ensure that we would stay on track. Through this system I was able to shift my business from being an effort oriented business to a results oriented business. The value of this shift in thinking can not be overstated. An effort oriented business requires maximum effort regardless of results, but a results-oriented business fosters more creative solutions and can lead to increased results while actually reducing the effort needed to achieve them thus making work much more rewarding and enjoyable.

Thank you Cookie for helping us to see the light at the end of the tunnel and giving us the tools necessary to reach our objectives.

Bart Scovill