Strategic Visioning & Execution

The power and impact of strategic visioning lies in an organization’s orientation to it’s future. While many companies map out their future using a linear progression of the past, we’ve proven our ability to help leaders, business owners and top performers create futures from the future – that is, a future inspired by tomorrow’s possibilities rather than today’s circumstances. As Peter Drucker famously said “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

Our approach to strategic visioning creates a balance between the cultural and market realities of an enterprise, such as strategic initiatives, resources and issues and the creation of new possibilities.

We have seen that the traditional process of strategic planning aligns strategy with activities but falls short when it comes to execution. Breakdowns in execution often result from the lack of coordination across units and other functions. Execution is also impeded by a lack of agility – the ability to overcome unexpected obstacles, adapt to new and ever-changing information, seize fleeting opportunities and experiment. Strategic Visioning & Execution is a powerful process that provides business owners, leaders and senior managers a pathway for building agility and creating authentic partnerships, which together, leads to execution excellence.

Strategic Visioning & Execution fosters the emergence of authentic partnerships and fundamentally alters people’s relationship to strategy, so that fulfilling a strategy becomes an opportunity for action, innovation, creativity and collaboration. Our distinct process frees participants to seize new opportunities aligned with strategy and more importantly, engage in honest, candid discussions about the inevitable risks that come with the willingness to try new things. In a recent study published by the Harvard Business Review, “…corporate cultures rarely support the candid discussions necessary for agility. Fewer than one-third of managers say they can have open and honest discussions about the most difficult issues, while one-third say that many important issues are considered taboo.”

Our approach includes identifying the predictable patterns of behavior for executing strategy and uncovering biases that suppress the peer-to-peer interaction that drives coordination and impedes the authenticity necessary for agility. Our unique methodology aims to alter people’s interpretation of the tasks before them such that execution originally occurring as impossible becomes an opportunity for innovation, creativity and partnership. This engagement enables the enterprise to successfully execute its strategies while strengthening the parties involved to fulfill on their specific accountabilities.

This program is customized based on the participants attending each session; cross-functional teams, two or more executives in a single organization or from a department, or various stakeholders that rely on each other to execute a strategy.

This engagement empowers people to translate their intentions into reality, while managing their commitments over time. This unique process ensures that execution stays in existence while calling forth inspiration, opportunity and coordinated action.