Showmars Restaurants

I’d like to express my appreciation for the fine coaching Marcea Wolf-Carter and Peter McRae delivered to my company.

Marcea and Peter started by engaging us in a unique process they call Catalytic Consulting. This immediately raised our level of communication with each other, showed us a pathway for aligning the executive team, and illuminated opportunities and challenges for us to address together.

They worked with us to distinguish seven key performance management conversations and to implement them effectively with all our store managers. This has improved the efficiency of our management and resulted in a more effective use of our time, allowing us to provide more leadership for our organization. Our managers have increased their accountability and store-to-store performance has improved.

Our performance as an executive team has completely transformed. We run more effective meetings, are less overwhelmed, spend more time working on the future, and most importantly, are now consistently taking action in key performance areas.

I highly recommend Marcea and Peter and Mark Kamin & Associates.

Konstantine Zitsos
Chief Executive Officer