Theresa Jabbour

Theresa-HeadshotPartner and Senior Program Leader

Theresa Jabbour is a partner and senior consultant. Fluently trilingual, Theresa works with clients both domestically and internationally. She leads workshops, seminars and one-on-one professional development and coaching sessions, which are tailored to accomplish her client’s specific business objectives.

A dynamic, driven, and focused leader, Theresa’s passion is unleashing the power and potential within her client’s business and facilitating their transition to the next level. While all clients want to grow their business, each client has unique perspectives and needs. Through her numerous engagements, she has developed the ability to see into the heart of her clients’ concerns and to help them reach their goals and fulfill their intentions.

Theresa starts the engagement by inquiring into and understanding the client’s needs for business growth and optimal company culture. Using a unique methodology, she engages the client in uncovering the barriers to these desired results. This is particularly effective with those barriers that are hidden to the client and which keep the client stuck, stagnant and frustrated. Once those hidden barriers are unlocked, there is a new freedom and ease, and the client moves forward with velocity and power to fulfill the emerging new future. In addition to producing extraordinary results, clients report that that they are energized and enlivened by their participation in these engagements.