Top Performer Curriculum – old

The Path to Power For Top Performers

  • Distinguish and dismantle your “Self-Limiting-Identity”. This identity has both positive and negative impacts on your business performance. The negative aspects live in your blind spot. The positive aspects, while they have been effective, are also limiting to the future top-performer you could be.
  • Invent “unlimited-values-driven-principles” and be coached to create and fulfill a six -week business exercise for practicing and strengthening your ability to fulfill on anything you promise to produce in business.
  • Fully distinguish the impact and “self–interest” or “payoff” of being casual with your word as a business person, and then constitute yourself as someone with the capacity to reliably be your word and fulfill your business promises.

You will be given powerful new tools – The Path to Power Assignments – and coached to use them. These tools provide long-lasting value. Your Path to Power Assignments will be your resource to ongoingly return yourself to power any time your ability to deliver on your word diminishes or becomes effortful.

You will develop the ability to generate six vital components of being truly powerful in business performance:

► Integrity                    ► Responsibility
► Authentic service     ► Completion
► Satisfaction               ► Acknowledgement

These 6 abilities are often missing in the experience of even the most successful producers and leaders.