Training & Business Education Programs

“You and Me” Business Model

An organization implementing the “You and Me” Model serves all of their constituencies – their shareholders, customers, employees and their families, and even their communities – without sacrificing the needs of any of the others. The “You and Me” Model distinguishes what it truly takes to create a collaborative culture, dissolve silos between departments, eliminate the need for CYA; this causes people to perform at extraordinary levels as part of their natural self-expression. Learn more.

Being a Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership

Leadership is not what you know, but who you are. Today’s widespread training, coaching, literature, and advice on leadership for the most part provides descriptions of traits, styles, characteristics, theories, techniques, information, and strategies on how to lead. Descriptions do not leave a person being a leader and acting effectively in real life situations. 

We promise that you will leave the Course being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression, in any situation and no matter the circumstances. Learn more.

Communication: Transforming Organizational Culture

In Communication: Transforming Organizational Culture, participants examine the barriers to communication and teamwork and learn how to overcome them. They examine the inextricable link between culture and performance by uncovering the hidden biases that suppress performance and restrict the peer-to-peer interaction necessary for collaboration. Learn more.

Leadership, Management & Coaching

In this program, we address leadership, management and coaching contextually and practically. Then we distinguish leading, managing and coaching as three separate and distinct skills. We have found that in most organizations, these three capacities are collapsed and co-mingled. When they’re collapsed and co-mingled, all three of these capacities lose power organizationally and individually. Learn more.

Mission Control Productivity & Accomplishment Program

Mission Control’s programs enable executives, workgroups and individuals to eliminate distraction and worry, and attain the focus, freedom and power to do what will have you and your organization succeed. Learn more.

Consultative Selling

A Breakthrough Results Program for Advisors, Sales Professionals, and Sales Managers Our Consultative Selling program presents a revolutionary pathway for experienced sales professionals to create and maintain meaningful and profitable business relationships. This has a profound effect on their sales effectiveness and their “relationship management ability”. Learn more.