VCT Vision Testimonial

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I have been very fortunate to continue working with Cookie Boudreaux over the past year. Through her amazing insight and intuition, I have been able to make great transformations in the way I view myself and the world. Cookie has been very instrumental in facilitating amazing change in my life.

This past year not only included coaching for myself personally, but also included ongoing training for sales personnel in my company. Cookie’s influence over my employees was tremendous and allowed us to strongly look at ways of better generating sales revenue and communicating as a team. The added insight that she gained by working closely with others in my company helped Cookie advise me in my role as president. I am now able to more effectively lead my team towards common goals we have set for the company.

The biggest breakthrough has been in the relationship I have with myself and my personal integrity. While I have always held myself with high standards of integrity, I have recently found that there were many ways that I was not being fully responsible in my life. I have been fooling myself into thinking that I actually stand for my own word. By bringing a consciousness to the many areas of my life that have been out of integrity, I have gained a greater resolve. I am now finding great power through giving and keeping my word in ways that I only dreamed possible before. In living this way, truly miraculous things start to manifest themselves in my life.

There are many specific things that have come as a result of my relationship with Cookie. I have a much stronger relationship with my wife and kids. I am much more clear about my financial future. I have a strong grasp on my company and its future success. While I still have much growth to achieve, I feel much more power, strength and peace of mind. I am finally getting a glimpse of what a powerful life I can lead.

Jim Francis
President & CEO