Who We Serve

Large Complex Systems

Leaders of transformation are often consumed with the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders. Conventional communication strategies seem inadequate to deal with the challenges and tensions that underlie many transformations. Our experience has shown that no matter how well intended or committed leaders are, in order to bring about real and lasting change in their organization, they must be extraordinary communicators and have impeccable integrity.

Mergers, acquisitions, the integration of departments, working in product lines instead of departments, making teams truly cross-functional, creating partnership between sales and operations, or developers and engineers – these represent large-scale transformations facing executives today. However, it’s widely reported that 70% of these efforts fail due to a lack of executive buy-in, resistance to change, or people simply not knowing what to do. Many organizations focus on the important tasks of systems integration and business unit alignment while neglecting people, communication and context. Our unique methodology gives leaders access to a way of listening and speaking that creates an empowering context and transforms complexity into opportunities for partnership and productivity.

When large-scale change initiatives generate controversy and criticism, leaders often get distracted and lose sight of the fundamental goals of the transformation. We provide a methodology to deal powerfully and effectively with the controversies that derail many efforts.

In our work with enterprise-level clients and large organizations, we turn accidental cultures into deliberate cultures, giving leaders a pathway for impacting performance and results “on the court”.

Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Market Leaders

The range of problems and decisions that confront entrepreneurs and business owners is considerably different from leaders and managers in large organizations. Entrepreneurs, business owners and market leaders are by far the biggest asset of an enterprise. However, many overlook their own professional development in the effort to get everything done. This puts added and often unnecessary pressure on the business owner, making their performance less productive, effortful and less profitable.

We’ve learned that most businesses are under-led, over-managed and coaching-deprived. Our methodology teaches business owners and entrepreneurs to distinguish the strengths and skills their business needs from them. We train them how to effectively leverage their passion, time, energy and resources, enabling the enterprise to get the maximum impact from the businesses’ most valuable asset – the business owner.

Top Performers

  • Are 5% of the result producing population
  • Produce results in the face of challenges when others don’t
  • Have unique blind spots to their performance

Successful people and top performers are confronted with different challenges than the general result-producing population. When successful people get stuck in their blind spots it’s difficult to distinguish because they’re so competent at coping with roadblocks and barriers. In our top performer curriculum, we coach people to create new pathways for dealing with their most critical challenges and opportunities by illuminating the roadblocks that are hidden from their view. The freedom that results from this inquiry – applied to any business commitment – is profoundly satisfying.