Why We Do What We Do

No amount of planning, strategy, execution or management can effectively compensate for an organization’s cultural weakness in communication, partnership and integrity.

No matter how well intended, or serious and committed people are, they must also have the ability to be extraordinary communicators and be 100% accountable in order to produce extraordinary results. If you want people to increase their performance regarding a challenge or opportunity they’ve been working on for some time, you’ve got to support them by expanding their ability and capacity to communicate effectively and be 100% accountable.

Performance is a function of action. Unfortunately, people and organizations talk about the results they want, rather than the actions that cause those results.

Increasing integrity increases individual and group performance.

We have also discovered that extraordinary listening is absolutely critical to extraordinary communication within an organization; and when our clients tells us “communication” is their biggest obstacle, we often find that listening is lacking.

People say they want organizations and people of honor and integrity while consistently being casual with their promises.

They deeply desire commitment and accountability from others, while tolerating compliance and in-authenticity with themselves.

The average American spends approximately 58% of their waking time at work, and if self-employed, it increases to 66%. Reports indicate that only 45% of Americans are satisfied with their jobs. Given these percentages, our commitment is to provide new opportunities for employers and their organizations to create fulfilling and high performing work environments. Mark Kamin & Associates offers programs and coaching for better leadership, effective communication, integrity and teamwork, all of which contribute to a greater and more satisfying work environment.