Toni Kendall

Partner and Senior Program Leader

Toni Kendall is a Senior Consultant for Mark Kamin & Associates. In her work with clients, Toni draws on a career of more than 25 years empowering organizations, teams and individuals as an executive, trainer, and coach, both in the public and private sector.

With a background deep in executive, operational and management experience, Toni has a reputation for helping clients develop and implement innovative strategies for mission-critical objectives. Her areas of expertise include supporting organizations in generating unprecedented business growth, building powerful working teams and relationships, managing complex financial and geographical operations, and dynamically leading people through times of complexity and change.

Toni’s work with clients focuses on a combination of coaching, education and training with individuals, teams and large system organizations, enabling and empowering breakthrough levels of performance. She has a reputation for helping clients take on demanding endeavors with velocity and certainty, even under circumstances defined by uncertainty. Her track record includes supporting people and groups in successes such as substantially expanding into new markets, and producing breakthrough financial growth. Her experience cuts across diverse sectors in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Prior to joining Mark Kamin & Associates, Toni served as an executive for an international division of the world’s largest training and development company. She has an expertise leading and managing people across diverse languages and cultures. She has also led and managed large political organizations across the US, and served as the head of several non-profits. Toni has lived and worked on four continents, developing a real capacity to work cross-culturally.