Top Performer Curriculum – The Path to Power

The Path to Power

A Professional Business Development Seminar

Top-producers and successful corporate leaders are consistently re-inventing themselves to meet new challenges as they meet market demands – often without support – working long hours and trusting their instincts and knowledge to guide them.

The Path to Power Program Causes a Breakthrough in Performance

Successful people face unique challenges. The tools they have used to be successful are not always the right tools to get them to the next level and could actually be what is limiting their growth. However, it can be hard to let go of what has become a reliable resource when facing new challenges. We work with successful leaders in this program to be able to identify and breakthrough these sometimes invisible barriers. We call these invisible barriers part of one’s “self-limiting-identity.”

When this “self-limiting-identity” is seen, its grip on performance disappears and accomplishment is limitless.

This significant insight creates a clearing in which unimagined accomplishment, freedom and satisfaction are realized.