Integrity Assessment For Maximizing Performance(™)

“Integrity is a necessary condition for maximum performance…
the increases in performance that are possible by focusing on integrity are huge: 
I am not talking about a 10 percent increase in output or productivity 
– it’s more like 100 to 500 percent.”

Excerpt from“Integrity: Without it Nothing Works”, an interview with Dr. Michael Jensen, 
Jesse Isidor Professor, Harvard Business School;
Rotman: The Magazine of the Rotman School of Management, Fall 2009

There are countless books and articles on what is missing in organizational performance. What almost none of them address is the powerful, undeniable connection between integrity and workability and how integrity creates the opportunity for maximum performance within organizations.

In our work with over 200,000 people, Mark Kamin & Associates has seen that integrity is the decisive factor in causing breakthrough leaps in performance, accountability, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Integrity as a foundation for organizations is a unique and radical approach to productivity. When companies take on creating a culture of integrity, they can expect huge leaps in performance.

We have developed a way for you to assess the integrity level of your organization that consists of two parts.

First, a quick survey that is given to the people in your organization or just to one department/team.
Second, we give you a rigorous analysis of how the people who participated operate with integrity, view the integrity of others, and the organization that includes your Integrity Score and detailed feedback on where to go to work.

We welcome the opportunity to provide a demonstration of our Integrity Assessment for Maximizing PerformanceTM so you can see for yourself what is possible as a result.