Mission Control Productivity & Accomplishment Program

Not just doing more, Doing the right things.

Mission Control’s programs and training enable executives, workgroups and individuals to eliminate distraction and worry, and attain the focus, freedom and power to do what will have you and your organization succeed.

You’re busy. We’re all busy.

There are overwhelming amounts of things to do in our organizations, for our families and communities, and for ourselves — and the amount is rapidly increasing. Often we have the nagging feeling that we are not getting to all that we should, all that we would like, and not even getting to some things that are of critical importance. We are left with the question, “Am I doing the right things?

In the face of this overwhelming and growing demand, is it even possible to confidently determine — and then effectively and efficiently take those specific actions that will fulfill on — what’s of greatest importance to you in your organization and all other areas of your life? Our clients will tell you it absolutely is possible.

This is Mission Control.

Mission Control is about impacting what you and the people in your organization are doing — resulting in taking the exact actions that will accomplish what’s of critical importance. With Mission Control’s performance and productivity principles, tools, and practices, you and your team will generate unprecedented results, and find yourselves accomplishing what you did not see possible before.

Our clients report that with Mission Control they have been able to:

  • Generate alignment at all levels of the organization
  • Propel individuals and groups into focused action
  • Dramatically increase execution, delivery and results
  • Simultaneously reduce stress and increase work/life balance

Mission Control provides actionable access to impacting and elevating individual effectiveness and organizational performance.

Mission Control leaves you with a new awareness of the previously unseen, self-imposed limits on performance and effectiveness. You generate new perspectives that create new levels of freedom and power and you have new insight into what will make a difference in accomplishing what is of greatest importance to you and your organization. Beyond being left with new perspectives, you determine the specific actions that you and others will take, and set them up in a way that leaves you enabled and empowered to take them.

Executive Performance and Productivity

Mission Control provides educational and training services that support executives and executive teams in powerfully dealing with the complex agenda with which they are faced, as well as with any problem, challenge or opportunity. Mission Control supports executives with challenges such as:

  • Producing results when the pathway is uncertain
  • Expansion of or change in accountabilities
  • Alignment of executive teams, business units, and/or strategic partners
  • Execution of strategy

Workgroup Performance and Productivity

Mission Control’s groundbreaking methodology elevates workgroup productivity, creates conditions that lead to breakthroughs in organizational performance, and provides new sets of tools and practices specifically designed to support workgroups, project teams, departments, cross-functional groups, and entire organizations.

  • Accountability and ownership within the group are fostered and become internally driven instead of imposed
  • Coordinated action, collaboration, and partnership are elevated
  • Meetings become purposeful, communications produce the desired action and email becomes manageable
  • Stress is reduced and job satisfaction is increased, reducing turnover and sick days

Individual Performance and Productivity

In Mission Control workshops and programs, you have new insight into the self-imposed limitations on your effectiveness, productivity and performance. You will learn new principles, perspectives and tools that will leave you in action so that you bring all of your intelligence, creativity, and natural ability to bear on your work and life. You leave:

  • Able to focus completely on what’s in front of you
  • Powerfully managing everything you are doing, and powerfully dealing with
    what you are not doing
  • Finding yourself accomplishing what is most important to you
  • More energetic, satisfied, and with peace of mind and reduced overwhelm and stress

Mission Control Program Webinars

We host Free Live Webinars on: “Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership.” This is an extensive business leadership program led over several months, with in-person and webinar sessions. This Course is designed for managers who are committed to a deep and rigorous dive into the nature of being a leader. The course is not for those who seek a conceptual relationship with leadership. It is for those who are willing to confront their own lack of leadership and who are willing to create leadership from their stand for themselves as leaders.

Mission Control Program Online Courses

Mark Kamin & Associates is currently accepting participants for Being A Leader and The Effective Exercise of Leadership. This Course is designed for professionals who are committed to increase their own effectiveness, empower others, and produce extraordinary results. The Course will challenge your pre-existing notions, ideas and assumptions about leadership, yourself, others, your organization, and most of all what is possible.