Communication: Transforming Organizational Culture

We believe in the power and impact of authentic communication to create cultures of high performance. Without communication that is authentic and focused on the real concerns of the organization, there’s no possibility for teamwork, trust or collaboration. Yet, in many organizations, the culturally embedded ways of thinking and communicating actually restrict group performance by discouraging the candid exchange of ideas and opinions. In a recent study published by the Harvard Business Review, “fewer than one-third of managers say they can have an open and honest discussion about the most difficult issues, while one-third say that many important issues are considered taboo.”

In Communication: Transforming Organizational Culture, participants examine the barriers to communication and teamwork and learn how to overcome them. They examine the inextricable link between culture and performance by uncovering the hidden biases that suppress performance and restrict the peer-to-peer interaction necessary for collaboration. Participants also discover that what’s possible for their organization may actually be limited by the attitudes and beliefs inherent in the organizations culture.

Mark Kamin & Associates specializes in how to redesign a corporate culture that fosters teamwork, integrity and authentic partnership. Through our unique methodology, the following objectives are achieved:

  • Create the structure for participants to describe what it is like working together in their organization – allowing them to safely say what needs to be said
  • Identify the major issues blocking communication and teamwork, i.e., political infighting, personality conflicts, departmental strife, stress related to budgets and downsizing, management changes, rapid expansion and growth
  • Examine the impact of culturally embedded ways of speaking and listening and the unintended by-products such as gossiping, withholding what you have to say, listening for what’s wrong instead of what’s right and/or being complacent or resigned
  • Establish a foundation for operating with authentic integrity and responsibility
  • Distinguish the power of ‘taking a stand’ and having one’s word be honored
  • Build sustainable trust by focusing on the strengths of each team member
  • Speak and listen in ways that produce action – causing individuals and the people they work with to be successful in their accountabilities
  • Generate specific projects that impact performance and fulfill critical strategic objectives.