Consultative Selling

The Pathway to Meaningful, Profitable Business Relationships

A Breakthrough Results Program for Advisors, Sales Professionals, and Sales Managers

Our Consultative Selling program presents a revolutionary pathway for experienced sales professionals to create and maintain meaningful and profitable business relationships. This has a profound effect on their sales effectiveness and their “relationship management ability”.

We all know that sales professionals require the ability to be consultative. Traditionally we have thought that the ability to be related, create trust and be consultative is something certain people “are born with”. Our Consultative Selling program destroys that myth.

We have created a methodology for transferring our proven ability to consult, and “be consultative”, to any sales professional who realizes that only something truly new will take them to the next level of productivity.

The coaching and development received during this program is delivered from a powerful contextual perspective making the benefits both immediate and sustainable. This enables participants to see new possibilities and openings for action within their current business relationships as well as new pathways for pipelining, prospecting and selling. Ultimately, the participants are coached to re-examine their sales activities and set a higher standard for effective communication, salesmanship and professional integrity.

Program Benefits

  • Learn and implement our “4 Domains of Successful Salesmanship”
  • Become a trusted advisor through mastering the “Art of Listening”
  • Learn to engender genuine trust with the people you advise
  • Learn to communicate effectively in the face of people’s fear of being manipulated and “sold”
  • Learn how to connect deeply with your clients and prospects through creating a powerful “background of relatedness” ~ this is the foundation for all meaningful business relationships
  • Identify your strengths and create a personal sales strategy that leverages them
  • Distinguish undermining behaviors and create new practices that elevate your integrity and productivity
  • Assess your current level of “sales effectiveness”; create a plan for accomplishing a breakthrough in productivity and commit to actions that make the breakthrough inevitable

The Consultative Selling program is customized for each organization’s needs and can be delivered in many different modules including: a group of front-line revenue producers, a group of Sales Managers from the same enterprise, a group of Sales Managers from different companies, a Sales Manager and his/her team, sales teams, individual salespeople and as an “optional enrollment” class within a single enterprise.