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Since 1983, Mark Kamin & Associates has been on the forefront of organizational transformation providing a unique methodology for creating high performing cultures and training business people to be extraordinarily successful. Mark Kamin & Associates offers a wide range of professional development, educational, coaching and training services with a specific focus on the relationship between integrity and performance. We are champions of high performing cultures, where people honor their word, work from an empowering context, and hold themselves and others accountable. Our unique methodology gives leaders access to a way of listening and speaking that creates an empowering context and transforms complexity into opportunities for partnership and productivity. Extraordinary communication, impeccable integrity and authentic leadership are the hallmarks of our work. We deliver unexpected ways for helping executives create alignment between commitments, activities, and strategies. We illuminate pathways to accomplish strategic transformation. We deliver powerful and effective professional development, training, and coaching to meet the greatest challenges of individual performance.

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Written by Susan Topping Gauthier, Partner-Owner

Disruptive Times Demand Disruptive Thinking

One of my favorite quotes from a contemporary master of business success reads “Embrace reality and deal with it.” As with many such words of wisdom, it is easier said than done.

The author is Ray Dalio, and the quotation is a chapter heading in his book Principles (Simon and Schuster, ©2017). CIO Magazine refers to Dalio as “the Steve Jobs of investing” pointing to his acclaim for building the largest hedge fund in the world1. His book is a compilation of unconventional principles in life and in work that he says he learned over a lifetime of making a lot of mistakes and spending a lot of time reflecting on them.


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