"No amount of planning, strategy, execution or management can effectively compensate for an organization’s cultural weakness in communication, partnership and integrity."

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An Opportunity: The Crucible of Covid

Co-authored by Mark Kamin, Marcea Wolf-Carter and Kenda-Le Pernin

Our last blog, The Economy, Business Performance and People, discussed the impact of the “freak out” associated with the lock down of the America economy. And even though the economy has reopened, we strongly believe the fundamental impediments to performance for people and organizations have not disappeared. Perhaps, they have grown more daunting.

People in organizations are either trying to survive something that is threatening (like a very weak economy) OR, they are creating the possibility of excellence and high performance. As we said in our last blog, those that seize the moment now, will capture market share when the economy starts truly coming back early next year.  READ MORE

The Economy, Business Performance and People

Co-authored by Mark Kamin, Marcea Wolf-Carter and Kenda-Le Pernin

The stock market crashed in March 2020 and the spread of the coronavirus brought business to a halt. To say that America was gripped by anxiety is an incredible understatement.

Although we have unemployment levels that are close to the Great Depression unemployment levels, the situation is completely different. When the stock market crashed in 1929, the circumstances were exacerbated by the Hoover administration’s dramatic fiscal policy response … they cut spending which resulted in even more job losses across the country. In contrast, President Roosevelt poured money into the economy by financing the New Deal and all of the work projects that created millions of jobs. Apparently we learned the lesson from the early 1930s. Trillions and trillions of dollars have been pumped into the world economy, stimulating employment, spending, and creating confidence in the future. We are not in a Great Depression and we are not going to be in a Great Depression. Read More…

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